Kensington Metropark, Night of the Michigan Philharmonic 2019

Lay down. Dip your toes in the sand and water. Walk freely… So unbound by life’s busyness… Let it go. Walk slowly. See beauty. Listen & watch… Feel. Let the headaches of yesterday be let go… Renew See the simpleness, uniqueness of a weed… Left swaying in the gentle breeze. The stillness. The livelyness. Weeds, […]

Be the “Plain Jane” You… Because She’s Beautiful!

Life Has Beautiful Learning Blog’s definition of the “Plain Jane” you: Forget what you’ve been told or think about Plain Janes. Let’s re-write what this means in a positive way. Being the “Plain Jane” you is being your most natural, authentic-self. It’s understanding yourself. It’s letting go of what other people expect of you or […]

Lessons from my MBA… the kind that are personal and are not taught from a book.

My MBA taught me that I need an outlet such as writing or communication with someone I trust (often that’s myself or my good friends) to get the best understanding of myself and the situations I’m presented with. The team-focus in my MBA and all the writing I did for it helped me to see […]

The Time I was Trying to be and do Everything with Everyone… And Power of Saying “No”.

It was my junior year of college and I was involved in everything, working a lot, had my first upper level business classes, and decided to live in the freshman dorm hall because it was cheaper. I found I ended up with horrible grades, and I nearly failed one of my classes. I had a […]