The Stay

The smells of old wood and an old home are the first I notice. A family keepsake and strong heritage. A family tree in the hall hung with pride. Beautiful memories and strong, close knit loved ones. A beautiful bedspread, so soft and fluffed… Then I get in and the sheets feel so crisp and […]

Time to smell the reality flowers and stop smelling the turds of imperfections… my people.

For many years now, when it came to starting a business of my own and creating action towards my entrepreneurial passion I’ve had since high school, I have sat in my own head creating endless loops of thinking and overthinking. Downing myself and putting away this passion as something that’s just not for me. Literally […]

We are great. I’ll say that again… WE ARE GREAT. <3

We are great. I’ll say that again… WE ARE GREAT. ❤ Oftentimes, we don’t give ourselves enough credit for the very person we are that makes us amazing. We’re more than the amazing parts though… our good, our bad, our beautiful, our ugly, our worst and best habits and self…it’s all us. And well, that’s […]

Transitions for Life Has Beautiful Learning Blog are Underway. Would you like to financially support the blog? – Now you can!

Dear Readers, Life Has Beautiful Learning Blog is amidst a huge transition from Blogger to WordPress, undergoing site and branding changes, creating more defined strategic planning for the blog’s future, and beginning to think more and more about the very best ways to help readers. With all of this, there have been some financial needs. […]

Thank you to the Young Man Cleaning Tables Today – Good Reminder of Doing a Good Job & Being Proud of It

I went to a restaurant by me today for a bowl of soup. I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather. There was a young man about 15 years old or so cleaning tables. He didn’t miss any detail and was fully emersed in doing his work the very best he could. Nothing else mattered […]

My Journey with Minimalism – The Mindset Change

To Readers: Read the free e-book version of this post by providing your name and email at this link. I’ve always been cheap and haven’t been too materialistic…  or so I thought until my journey with minimalism. 🙂 Back about 4 years ago, I started to really get into reading. (Shocking, I know! Nobody would […]