We offer a range of solutions to fit your grant needs.

Grant Consulting

  • We have a plan that is $30 per month for 1 hour per month of grant consulting. If you do not use the full hour each month for consulting, you can use it for Grant Proposal Services. Contact us for more details.
  • Need a quick 30 minute or less appointment with no reoccurring service? View our availability and schedule your appointment here (if you do not have Facebook or would rather schedule another way – please email us). Aleesa will then email or message you for a $15 payment before the appointment. Payment must be made prior to appointment time, otherwise, the appointment will be canceled.
  • Rate Summary: $30 per month for 1 hour each month or $15 for a quick 30 min or less appt.

Grant Proposal Services

  • Grant Writing
  • Grant Opportunity Research
  • Proposal Project Management
  • Budget and Budget Justification Preparation
  • Graphics summarizing data for inclusion in grant proposals
  • Rate: $30 per hour flat rate for these services. Contact us for a quote of your service time.

Excel Creations

  • Grant Tracking Templates
  • Grant Reporting Templates
  • Grant Financial analysis templates
  • Grant Data Analysis Templates
  • Employee time reporting forms with excel data outputs
  • Many other Custom Creations to Fit Your Needs.
  • Note: All creations come with instruction manuals.
  • Price: Pricing varies. Contact us for a quote.

Let’s work together.

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